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The Naked Lady
Written and illustrated by Ian Wallace
Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2002

"Ian Wallace is an amazingly versatile and prolific artist ...The Naked Lady is rich with themes of friendship, artistic inspiration and growing up. It will be a valuable addition to an elementary or middle school picture book collections. Highly recommended.
CM Materials
"A heartfelt tribute to the important role of mentors in any artistic life."
Publisher's Weekly  (Starred Review)
"This haunting story, beautifully written and illustrated, will be of interest primarily to those interested in exploring art and the sources of inspirations for those who love to create it."
"The full-page pictures are lovely to contemplate; their soft colors and gentle humour evoke an experience of personal epiphany that also offers universal meaning."
"An inspiring storry of an artist and a young farm boy ... A story that's appealing and enriching."
School Library Journal
"The telling is unsentamental, clear in supplying local details and honest in its youthful viewpoint ... Middle readers will receive some notions about the attraction of making art a career while enjoying an engaging story."
The Free Library

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